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Công Ty TNHH Metkraft

Qui mô : > 200 người
Địa chỉ : Khu C - Lô S, Đường số 19, KCX Tân Thuận, Quận 7
Fax : +84-8-3770
Website : www.metkraft.com

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METKRAFT is forged from two words – Metal and Kraft (German word for vitality, strength) – a perfect description for how it adds strength to metals. Its aim is to continuously discover innovative products and services for customers and foster a creative and energetic work environment for employees. With the intention of being the premier industrial blade and wear component manufacturer in Asia. METKRAFT leverages the strength and innovation of its parent company, Fisher Barton, to build strong relationships with industry leading customers. Its current specialization includes Paper for both upstream (wood pulp) and downstream (paper and packaging converting, Corrugated Board and box production, Wood processing for the furniture and building material manufacturing (e.g. MDF, Veneer, Plywood, OSB Board), Plastic production and recycling, and Recycling of most materials (plastics, rubber, wire, wood). As the most comprehensive industrial manufacturer, METKRAFT is poised to expand to other industries while continuing contract manufacturing for OEMs. With its global support, METKRAFT is able to manufacture its own branded products and engage in direct sales to end consumers. Offering a start-to-finish expertise and technology, METKRAFT is the one-stop solution for customized manufacturing. Its link to the subsidiaries of The Fisher Barton Group empowers METKRAFT to give customers what they require; wear resistant industrial components and assemblies, high quality industrial knives and blades, thermal spray technology, metal stamping, even research and product development in case they require specialized products. METKRAFT is the answer to Asia’s fragmented metallurgy industry, providing all the innovative metal solutions the customer will need under one roof. It is founded on the pillars of ongoing investment in innovation, cost-effective manufacturing, longer-lasting products and outstanding customer service.”

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Quality Control Supervisor (3949 lượt xem)

Hạn nộp : 19/12/2017
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