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CJ CGV Cinemas

Qui mô : 1.000-4.999
Địa chỉ : FL9, 60A Truong Son, Tan Binh, HCMC
Fax : --
Website : N/A

Sơ lược về công ty
CGV, replaced the name “MegaStar” in Vietnam officially from January 15, 2014. CJ CGV is an unit within CJ Group, one of Korea’s largest conglomerates, doing business in 21 countries around the world. CJ is Korea’s leader in media and entertainment: Cinema, TV, film production and film distribution CGV introduced Korea’s first cultureplex. It provides an exciting venues with food choices, better event programs, fun shopping experiences, and ultra-premium auditoriums with unique technological special effects and comfort features. CGV provides a true experience beyond just movie theatre CGV’s vision in Vietnam is to become the premiere destination for media and entertainment, offering products and services “Beyond Cinema”, tailored specifically to Vietnamese customers. CGV will do this by building more sites in more cities, having new brand look, offering more movies, more and better concession offers, an upgraded customer loyalty program, new in-cinema technology and by investing in world-class Vietnamese film production CGV is immediately introducing 4DX (CGV Hung Vuong, HCMC) and Sweetbox (CGV Vincom Ba Trieu, Hanoi) products to Vietnam. 4DX presents realistic movie settings using aids and special effects including blasts of water and air, moving chairs and scents as well as enhanced sound systems. It all creates ultimate experience that make you feel like being in the movie. Sweetbox seats feature double sofas in red., located in the last row of the theater, and provide the best way to snuggle up with that special someone CGV strongly interested Vietnam market, and willing to involve its business to be part of the emerging strength of the Vietnamese film industry; such as investing in Vietnamese films, organizing film festival events, bringing Vietnamese culture and movies to the world, and also bringing the top entertainment experience from the world to the Vietnam. The locations of CGV Cinemas are carefully evaluated and selected through thorough analysis prior to set-up and are ideally situated in the dynamic population demographics of Vietnam. We now opened 12 sites. CGV cinemas continues to expand by opening more Site in the coming time. Thus, chances are open to all ambitious, enthusiastic and experienced candidates to apply for the below positions.

2 vị trí tuyển dụng của CJ CGV Cinemas

Floor Supervisor (557 lượt xem)

Hạn nộp : 24/04/2014
  |  Nộp hồ sơ   |  

Cinema Manager (535 lượt xem)

Hạn nộp : 30/04/2014
  |  Nộp hồ sơ   |  

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