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3M Vietnam

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Địa chỉ : Floor 5th - 6th, 77 Hoang Van Thai, Ward Tan Phu, District 7, HCMC
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Sơ lược về công ty
3M Vietnam is a subsidiary of 3M US, which is ranked one of top innovative companies in the world. 3M is the innovative company that never stops inventing. Our inventive spirit and perseverance have sustained a constant evolution of business development, growth and impact since 1902. Our culture encourages us to develop new markets and deliver new inventions to the world through pursuing unique combinations of technologies and ideas. We are a global business operating in 65 countries with more than 84,000 employees. 3M serves customers through five business segments: * HEALTH CARE: 3M Health Care is a global leader in medical and oral care products, and drug delivery and health information systems. We supply innovative and reliable products that help health care professionals improve the quality of care. * CONSUMER: With powerful brands, innovative products and a global presence, we make life easier and more productive for consumers and office workers around the world. * INDUSTRIAL: We’re a global leader in tapes, abrasives, adhesives, specialty chemicals, filtration systems and software for supply chain management. We also serve the transportation market with products for the manufacture, repair and maintenance of autos, aircraft, boats and other vehicles * SAFETY & GRAPHIC: Our products increase the safety, security and productivity of people, facilities and systems around the world. We’re also a leading supplier of roofing granules for asphalt shingles . Drawing on 3M’s technology platforms, we provide products – display enhancement films, reflective materials, eye-catching graphics and more – that people around the world rely on every day. * ELECTRONICS & ENERGY: We turn 3M technology into solutions for customers in electrical, electronics and communications markets around the world. We contribute to reliable sources of electrical power, high-performance electronic devices, and speedy and dependable telecommunications networks globally. OUR VALUES: - Act with uncompromising honesty and integrity in everything we do. - Satisfy our customers with innovative technology and superior quality, value and service. - Provide our investors an attractive return through sustainable, global growth. - Respect our social and physical environment around the world. - Value and develop our employees' diverse talents, initiative and leadership. - Earn the admiration of all those associated with 3M worldwide.

3 vị trí tuyển dụng của 3M Vietnam

Marketing Specialist (dental & Orthodontic) (1210 lượt xem)

Hạn nộp : 05/04/2015
  |  Nộp hồ sơ   |  

Production Worker Team Leader (1419 lượt xem)

Hạn nộp : 31/03/2015
  |  Nộp hồ sơ   |  

Marketing Specialist (dental & Orthodontic) (1776 lượt xem)

Hạn nộp : 05/04/2015
  |  Nộp hồ sơ   |  

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